Do you wonder what happens to your rubbish once you’ve sorted it, bagged it and put it outside on the right day of the right week? Now could be your chance to find out.

The Vale Council is working with Caerphilly Borough County Council, The County Council of the City and County of Cardiff, Monmouthshire County Council, Newport Council to look at how our waste is managed. The 5 authorities together account for 40% of the total municipal waste of Wales.

The Welsh Assembly Government has outlined a 70% recycling and composting rate by 2025, and each authority is striving to meet this target. Prosiect Gwyrdd is looking for the best environmental, cost effective and practical solution for waste after recycling and composting has been maximised in each area. Basically – what can we do with our rubbish other than putting it into landfill?

A series of ‘roadshows’ will be presenting the project to local people across the council areas, including the Promenade, Barry Island on June 8 and Working Street, Cardiff on June 12, both 10am to 4pm.


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