Date: 6th May 2010

Venue: Waltham House, Bradford Place

Present: Tricia Griffiths (chair), Russell Jones, Mary Taster, Catherine Wenger (minute taker).

Apologies: Phil Rapier, Ramesh Patel.

Agenda Item


(To be completed by next mtg unless stated otherwise)

1. Declarations of interest

None declared

Review previous meeting minutes for accuracy
Item 7 – Finance. This should read that there was £105.97 in the bank. The additional £1000 grant had not been received.

Item 10 – Cosmeston. This should read that the committee decided to review the decision to proceed following further cost information.

Note – events have now overtaken this item – see notes below for latest information.

Matters Arising

Cittaslow – the town council have decided to proceed with the Cittaslow scheme and will be organising a meeting to which GPG will be invited.

Membership forms – TG has revised the membership forms to include request for permission to take photographs. RJ requested that further information be added such as GPG website address, notes on constitution, logo etc. TG to revise and circulate.

Charitable status – RJ has requested forms for charitable status application. TG suggested making use of Taunton Charity Commission contact for further information. RJ to continue progressing.

Penarth Festival – discussed ideas for festival.

Agreed there should be the following posters:

  • Anti plastic bags
  • Plot share
  • Loyalty cards
  • General Awareness
  • Business case

All to send RJ information for posters. RJ to look at design and organise printing. Note grant money allocated to publicity can be used for posters.

Plot share will have a table – consider basket of veg/fruit to prompt conversation.

Loyalty card scheme could sell cards.

TG to supply membership forms.

CW to bring tablecloths.

CW to follow-up with free light bulbs from SWAlEC.

CW reported that she has contacted Julie Gwilliam at Cardiff University to see if there is a possibility of GPG teaming up with the Sustainability Masters students. JG responded positively. CW to pursue.









Notice Board

TG has organised a fabric covered cork board. The Anti plastic bag group will look after the upkeep of the board.

5. Website

CW can now access and upload information to the website.

CW to add links form Cardiff Transition town website.

All to send CW relevant links to include on links page.



6. Billy Banks

CW and RJ to look at Planning Portal to see what planning information is publicly available. Review for sustainable aspects and report back to management committee on findings.

Committee will then need to decide whether they have/should have a view on the development. Raises question of whether we should be reviewing commenting on all/any/ specific size town planning applications.



7. Membership of committee

Discussed need for additional committee members to replace Sandy and Gareth. TG to approach Heather and Tony Cooke.

TG proposed that CW be vice chair. Committee agreed.

8. Finance

MT reported GPG currently have £2025.02 in the bank.

No expenditure in last quarter.

Grants – TG showed committee the signed award conditions for the Environment Wales start up grant.

TG reported unable to apply for VCVS grant as it requires a volunteer policy. TG to find a sample one from another organisation and complete for GPG ready for next round of funding.

Insurance – discussed need for insurance to cover public liability. TG has identified possible policy run by British Trust for Conservation costing £191/yr. RP to review documents.

Need to have insurance in place prior to launch of Plot share scheme on May 13th 2010.

Financial reporting – TG to discuss with RP reporting system using different cost centres so that spend of restricted funds can be tracked.




9. Project updates –

Plastic Bag Scheme

Have received £650 grant. Agreed to use to give all year 6 students free bag. If this is successful will apply for further funds to expand to other school years.

Plot share scheme

Guidance notes are in place.

Launching May 13th 6pm Washington Gallery. CW to add details to website.

Main challenge is to engage non – computer users.

Has been confirmed that CRB checks are not required, but do need insurance in place.

2 definite matches have already been identified.

Loyalty cards

Initial estimate is that pilot scheme will cost less then £500 with 20 stores involved. Committee reviewed Loyalty Card Agreement. No comments.

RJ to review design and material for loyalty cards.


Organising access to the Medieval Village to prepare the ground has met with obstacles. Agreed that given circumstances it would be better to bow out of planting the trees within the medieval village.

TG to enquire from council whether there is another potential site within Cosmeston outside the payment area.

If a suitable location for the trees is not found Ian Harvey knows of an organisation that will purchase the trees.

A related topic was raised. TG has found out about Tree Wardens. RJ to review for suitability as a GPG backed scheme.

Food Group

First meeting will be at end of May.





10. Other Business

Next general meeting – topic will be plot share and discussion on general direction of GPG. TG/CW to lead discussion.

Suggest raise idea of a clean up day at next general meeting.

TG to attend meeting of Penarth Society 23rd June 7pm. Need another committee member to attend. [Did RJ agree?]



11. Next committee meeting

7th July 7.30pm at Waltham House, Bradford Place.


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