General meeting held at Windsor Arms.

Main items were an update from each of the groups on the progress of their schemes and a discussion of the GPG Business Plan and focus for the next 3 years.

Present:    22 people attended


Mary Taster, Ramesh Patel, Jackie Marshall, Alison Norris, Phillip Rapier, Heather Ralis

Last Meeting Minutes

Items arising

  1. Food Topic – Items to take forward include – labelling, educating shoppers and whether Penarth should become a ‘Good Food Town’.
  2. Arcot St Contra- flow – covered in later section
  3. Hustings – sadly no sustainability questions were raised, although a number were submitted.
  4. Green Party – several people have asked if we would support the setting up of a local branch of the Green Party.  Discussed issue of political party support and all present agreed that GPG is not a political body and cannot support any particular party. However it can comment on, discuss and disseminate information on any party’s sustainable policies.
  5. Grant – the town council has given GPG a grant of £650 towards the bag scheme.
  6. WAG Consultation on plastic bag charge of 7p – discussed and majority agreed 10p would be a more sensible price. (Note the original WAG proposal was for 15p). Tricia to respond to WAG
  7. Recycling – discussed motivating residents to partake in recycling and desire to avoid fines. Michelle from Vale of Glamorgan to liaise with GPG and try to bring recycling promotional van to Penarth Festival. Michelle to ask if GPG leaflets can be displayed in the van.

Notes from last meeting agreed.

Update from Management Committee

1.    Insurance

GPG now has insurance to cover volunteers and events.

2.    Committee members

  • Tony Cooke has joined the committee.
  • Still have a spare space following Sandy and Gareth’s departure if anyone interested. (Committee typically meets every 2 months in the evening to discuss progress on various items for example insurance, grant applications etc)

3.    Committee meetings

Discussed ways to inform members of management committee activities and agreed:

  • Management meeting agenda will be circulated – if anyone has comments on the topics please contact one of the committee members to discuss.
  • If anyone wishes to attend a management committee meeting to present a particular issue, they are very welcome provided they let the committee know in advance.
  • Minutes from management committee meetings will be posted on the website.

4.    Penarth Festival

  • GPG have a room in the Kymin from 2 to 4.30 on Saturday 17th July.
  • Groups will each have a table to advertise their activities.
  • Volunteers needed to help set up, man and dismantle the room – please let the committee know if able to help.

5.    Charitable Status

  • Russell Jones has investigated the requirements for becoming a charity
  • As GPG does not currently have an income greater then £5000 cannot have charitable status.
  • However does satisfy the other criteria of charitable aim, and public purpose so if income does increase beyond £5000 could consider in the future.

Update from Groups

Plot Share – Anthony gave an update.

  • Scheme had been launched, and posters have been put up and a trickle of phone calls have been received.
  • To date 4 gardeners looking for plots and 2 offering plots.
  • Needs more publicity – encourage members to pass on information by word of mouth.
  • Will be at next farmers market to publicise.
  • Have been invited to present scheme at Penarth Horticultural Society meeting.
  • Also advertising scheme on Channel 4’s landfill website.
  • Suggestion that group organise an article in Penarth Times once some of the matches up and running to help publicise.
  • Consider Age Concern as another possible route for disseminating information.
  • Could have 2 gardeners sharing a single plot.
  • Note GPG cannot vouch or vet the applicants but can be present at first meeting if requested.

Food Group -. Susannah McWilliam presented update.

  • Met for first time last week
  • Group to be chaired by Susannah.
  • Discussed many ideas including:
    • Desire to promote local food (limited to a 50 mile radius) and Welsh Food.
    • Education
    • Links between food group and other groups e.g. loyalty card scheme and plot share.
    • Penarth Festival – will have stall with food from local shopkeepers, and raffle.
    • Big Lunch (see below)
  • Big Lunch
    • Noon July 18th at Cosmeston – bring and share event to encourage local food, promote GPG, enlist more people to food group and opportunity to meet other local people.
    • Part of Big Lunch national campaign being organised by the Eden Project.
    • Susannah to add Penarth Big Lunch to Eden Project website listing of events taking place.
    • Vanessa to try and download the publicity pack form Eden website.
    • Janice to ask if Woodcraft folk wish to attend.
    • Tricia to bring along GPG banner.
    • Keith to put short note in Penarth Times advertising big lunch – best if text accompanied by photograph. Need to make clear people are to bring their own food. Could combine with advert for Tabernacle Big Lunch taking place same day on the cliff top.
    • Suggestion to reserve BBQ space to ensure area kept clear for Big Lunch – Management Committee members present (4) agreed the £30 fee could be paid from GPG funds.

Loyalty Cards

  • Have produced simple draft agreement for both retailers and GPG  to sign up to.
  • To date 14 are seriously interested in the scheme, with 6 more to be contacted.
  • Pilot scheme is aiming to have 20 stores for 9 months with a £1 fee for the card. Stores then have a poster in the window advertising that they are participating in the scheme and what the current discount is for cardholders.
  • Scheme will also give awards for retailers for particular green actions.
  • Discussed design of cards. Russell has been investigating printers and styles, agreed needs to fit in wallet, be recycled cardboard, cool design and lightweight.  Costs for 2000 cards – approx. £140 -£150
  • Group small. Janice interested in project and will join.

Anti plastic bag group

  • A competition for the bag design has been distributed to schoolchildren. John Fraser and group to judge winners.
  • The £650 grant form the council will be used to give all year 6 children a free bag.


  • GPG have withdrawn from the medieval orchard scheme as it would be in a fee-paying section of Cosmeston that negates the aim of a public orchard.
  • It is likely that the medieval style trees that were ordered will be bought by the Wenvoe Conservation Trust.
  • Now looking at other sites for a public orchard including the field with dovecote in Cosmeston (free entry area).
  • Suggestion from the floor that the ground outside Bute Cottage Nursery be considered for one of our projects.
  • Tricia, Susannah, Russell, Nonn and Susan (not present) are already interested in creating an orchard.
  • Tony and Anthony volunteered to assist with tree planting

Tree Wardens

  • Leading on from the orchard discussions has come the idea of having Tree Wardens in Penarth who liaise with the council on the condition of trees, tree removal and replacement.


  • Anthony and Susannah to discuss inviting Michelle from Edible Landscaping to future meetings to talk about courses and consider tailoring one to GPG’s requirements.
  • Could have a few people attend and then pass on their knowledge.

Pont y Werin (access for cyclists and pedistrians)

  • Paul Kinnersley presented an update on cycle routes to/ from the new bridge between Tesco and the International Sports Village.
  • Official opening July 14th.
  • Although Vale signed a memorandum of understanding committing to developing a safe route to the bridge there has been little progress.
  • Appears that the cycle contra flow down Arcot Street has been removed from the plans and the there has not yet been a meeting with Tesco to discuss a route down through the Billy banks and Tesco’s car park.
  • Russell, Catherine and Susannah to look at Billy Banks plans and see if cycle route identified. Russell to then contact Paul to discuss how GPG can support the push for a clear route.

Business Plan (discussion led by Catherine)

  • The final segment of the meeting was a discussion of the business plan with the aim of identifying which items are to be prioritised.
  • Noted that a number of the goals are already underway.
  • The notes will be incorporated into the plan and an updated version posted on the website.

Next meeting:

  • General meetings to alternate between those with a speaker and open forum-type meetings at which the groups could exchange information and other GPG issues could be discussed
  • Date of next meeting:  Tuesday, 14th September, 6pm at The Windsor Arms, Penarth.

Contribution to GPG funds: £24.20 contributed by those present

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