We discussed the Business Plan at the General Meeting on June 7th. Thank you to all who took part. The summary tables will be updated with the priorities and target dates agreed, as well as adding notes on schemes currently underway.

In the meantime the ‘for discussion’ versions are shown below.


This business plan sets out the core objectives for Gwyrddio Penarth Greening (GPG) over the next three years.  It has been put together in consultation with GPG members and utilising data from a survey of Penarth residents carried out during summer 2009.  Some of the projects outlined here are already underway and some are aspirational.

It is intended that the Business Plan will be used to shape the development of GPG’s work.  Projects and activities not covered in the plan will be considered, provided they are in keeping with GPG’s core objectives.


The aims of GPG are:

  • To find practical ways of helping us reduce our dependence on fossil fuels
  • To help Penarth become more self-reliant (e.g. in food and energy) and prepare for changes ahead
  • To value and maximise existing skills and resources
  • To support local sustainable initiatives
  • To engage people from all backgrounds, of all ages, in this exciting adventure into living greener and more sustainable lives

Background to the Business Plan

In 2009, GPG conducted an opinion survey to gauge resident’s views on climate change.  The majority of those surveyed believed that climate change is caused by the action of humans, and that the effects will be felt at a local as well as a global level.  The survey also indicated that Penarth residents on the whole would support efforts at a community level to tackle climate change.  Many residents according to the survey where already carrying out a range of environmentally friendly behaviours such as recycling, using low energy light bulbs and travelling by public transport where possible.  There was indication that with further information and support people were willing to adopt other behaviours such as buying more local produce and walking and cycling more.  The survey also demonstrated support for GPG projects covering a range of topics such as a loyalty card scheme and garden share project.

Key Work Areas: The following section outlines the main areas of work for GPG between April 2010 and March 2012.  Projects and initiatives are grouped according to eight key work areas; food; economy; energy; waste/water; transport; habitat; skills; and organisational development.

Monitoring and Evaluation: GPG is committed to monitoring and evaluating its endeavours in order to ensure that we as effective as possible.

For discussion: which of these activities are our priorities? How will we monitor and evaluate the effectiveness? Is some baseline survey work necessary?

Objective Action Measuring Success
1. Food
1.1 Grow more food locally 1.1.a Develop a garden / plot share scheme to facilitate food growth Number of people registered / harvest celebration event Sept 2011
1.1.b Develop a community orchard Number of trees planted plus events held / community training
1.2 Raise awareness of the value of local food and develop initiatives to encourage more local consumption 1.2.a Hold an annual food festival
1.2.b Run events on ‘lost arts’ of local food e.g. foraging, home brewing,
1.3 Develop a local food plan 1.3.a Work with local producers and retailers to establish priorities for action X retailers and X producers consulted
1.3.b Conduct audit of local food production and opportunities
1.4 Strengthen local distribution networks 1.4.a Establish a local food forum
1.4.b Increase frequency of farmers market
1.3.c Develop and implement local sourcing policy Number of local schools, businesses etc signed up to policy
2. Economy
2.1 Strengthen loyalty to local independent stores Develop a loyalty card scheme Number of cards distributed, measurement of sales by local retailers
Investigate possibility for a Penarth currency
2.2 Promote car-free shopping in town centre 2.2.a Develop cycle courier delivery scheme for shoppers Number of shoppers using scheme.  Comparison of modes of transport for shopping against baseline.
2.3 Encourage green initiatives amongst retailers 2.3.a Run an award scheme linked with loyalty card
3. Energy/water
3.1 Establish a baseline for home energy use/water consumption in Penarth 3.1.a Survey X number of households about their energy/water consumption
3.2 Reduce carbon footprint of home energy use 3.2.a Conduct a household awareness raising campaign including the promotion of smart metering and relevant funding for improving energy efficiency Increased uptake of energy saving measures and subscription to green energy tariffs
3.3.a Campaign to make Penarth a ‘green energy town’ – invite households to switch to green tariff and then to register on GPG website Counter on website would show total number of households
3.3 Investigate options for renewable energy generation in Penarth
4. Waste
4.1 Reduce plastic bag use 4.1.a Distribute reusable bags to support WAG tariff for plastic bags.
4.2 Raise awareness about what can be recycled 4.2.a Hold joint event with VoG recycling team / WRAP
5. Transport
5.1 Promote sustainable transport infrastructure initiatives 5.1 a Raise priority of non-motorised transport methods in re-development of town centre Inclusion of pedestrian and cycle friendly features such as contraflow, traffic calming and pedestrian crossings
5.1.b Hold conference on Manual for Streets with VoG officers to highlight best practise
5.2 Promote walking and cycling for shopping purposes in town centre 5.2.a Conduct survey of travel habits amongst shoppers to demonstrate that levels of car use may not be as high as is assumed (use Sustrans methodology)
5.2.b Develop cycle courier delivery scheme for shoppers
5.2.c Campaign for a car free day each week in Penarth
5.2.d Establish a regular traffic closure e.g. on Glebe St to enable a market day to be held (relocation of farmers market?)
5.3 Promote alternatives to single car occupancy for commuting 5.3.a Promote Penarth car share scheme Number of members of scheme plus estimated number of car journey miles saved
5.3.b Promote ‘in town without your car day’, Bike Week and other similar initiatives
5.4 Increase walking and cycling journeys to school 5.4.a Engage with travel planning for schools
5.4.b Assist with implementation of walking buses
6. Habitat
6.1 Enhance local green spaces as habitats 6.1.a Tree planting project
6.1.b Adoption of local green space e.g. the Dingle
6.1.c Map green spaces in Penarth
7. Skills
7.1 Establish a baseline for skills in Penarth 7.1 Conduct a skills audit for Penarth
7.2 Develop a skills transfer strategy 7.2.a Hold skills share events so that people can share skills e.g. knitting, brewing, gardening, darning and other repairs, carpentry etc
8. Organisational development
8.1 Increase and broaden membership of GPG 8.1.a Hold bi-monthly advertised meetings
8.1.b Hold four awareness raising events annually
8.1.c Organise regular volunteer sessions
8.2 Strengthen management committee 8.2.a Increase number or members and skill base of management committee
8.3 Develop project groups 8.3.a Develop robust reporting mechanism of project groups as well as increasing and diversifying membership

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