Date: 9th Sept 2010

Venue: Waltham House, Bradford Place

Present: Tricia Griffiths (chair), Catherine Wenger (minute taker), Tony Cooke, Russell Jones, Anthony Slaughter, Nonn Vaughan.  (Anthony and Nonn were present to report on the groups in which they are involved.)

Apologies: Phil Rapier, Ramesh Patel, Mary Taster

Agenda Item


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Declarations of interest

None declared

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Review of previous meeting minutes and Matters Arising
Previous minutes accepted as accurate record.

VCVS – CW reported back on review of documents. Noted that as members we are entitled to use them for legal advice.

Insurance – We are now insured with British Trust for Conservation Volunteers (BCTV) to provide insurance for GPG.

Masters Students project

–       CW gave update on work with Cardiff University. Lecturer, Julie Gwilliam is coming to General Meeting on Sept 14th.

–       JG is in the process of preparing the module which will include working with GPG. CW to meet with her to look at details.

Solar Panels in Penarth project

–       The Penarth Society has contacted TG regarding a possible joint project looking at adding dollar panels to Penarth homes. They are considering forming a social enterprise group to pursue.  TG had had an initial discussion with Lis Burnett from the Penarth Society on this idea.

–       Ideas for possible locations include schools, TC’s college, Cogan Leisure centre, terraces being refurbished by councils, as well as private homes.

–       Could either be privately funded individual schemes or ‘rent a roof’.

–       WAG have grants for facilitation and research projects

–       Could use Energy Saving Trust Greening Community advice – see item below.

–       Possible to arrange a web-based scheme to match borrowers and lenders for financing.

–       GPG/ Penarth Society role could range from simply providing information to helping organise bulk buying and installation.

–       Agreed this would be an interesting and relevant project for GPG to be involved with, and that it would make sense to explore working with the Penarth Society on this.

–       TG to let Chris Wyatt know we are interested.

–       TG to send Lis TC and RJ email address so Lis can arrange meeting with TC and RJ to find out more.

Canton Carbon Cutters

–       CW reported that the Canton Carbon Cutters scheme is done with the aid of the Greener Community part of the Energy Saving Trust.

–       They can provide up to three days free consultation on community projects aimed at reducing energy consumption in the home.

–       CW to contact and see what assistance they could provide for solar panel project.


–       TG & Nonn Vaughan attended the Cittaslow meeting organised by Penarth Town Council.

–       Next meeting will be in Oct to review the application process.

–       Apart from the Town Council, main groups involved so far are GPG and Penarth Society.

Billy Banks

–       CW reviewed information available on Vale of Glamorgan Planning website

–       Sustainability statement very bland and generic.

–       Plans show winding path down to marina as

–       No suggested actions for GPG since planning has been approved and construction is underway

–       However would be good to keep an eye on future planning applications and comment early in the planning process

Committee members – Still looking for new treasurer for next year.





TG reported GPG currently have £1603.20 in the bank.  Expenditure from the £1,000 grant from Environment Wales (mostly publicity and insurance) amounted to £515.


–       Ian Harvey through Keep Wales Tidy, Tidy Towns and Environment Wales has advised again that a small grant could be allocated to a particular project. (Same note as last meeting)

–       Co-op grant – CW did comparison of the aims and objectives of GPG and the Transition movement. It was agreed that the aims were differently expressed but the same in essence. TG to apply for £2000 from the Co-op grant that required us to demonstrate our aims were similar. CW to post summary to website.

Project updates Plastic Bag Scheme

  • Prizes will be presented to winners of school design competition in October.
  • Bags will then be made and distributed in five schools.

Plot share scheme

  • Have received steady trickle of expressions of interest through website and phone.
  • Decided to meet people first and view the gardens to try and ensure suitable matches
  • BBC Wales X-ray program are keen to profile the scheme in the Autumn – but need to have a case study.
  • Anthony to talk to Penarth Horticultural Society in February
  • TG suggested publicising at other groups where older people present who may need help in their gardens.

Loyalty cards

  • Launch date set for 18th Sept
  • TG to get quote for 1000 flyers and leaflets. Committee agreed in principle that the costs for photocopying leaflets and flyers for launch could come from the grant received for publicity.
  • CW to ask Mark to take photos.
  • CW and RJ to meet 17/09 to stamp remaining cards.
  • RJ to do (2) A1 posters for the sandwich board man plus (30) A3 size posters for windows.
  • TG to send CW information for the website.
  • Tom Bennett has done press release for local papers and BBC.
  • Anthony to contact the Guardian

Orchard project

  • Anthony went to view possible site in Cosmeston – appears very suitable
  • Would have room for 30 trees
  • Currently have an order for 20 mixed fruit trees native to this area costing £292, 30 trees would cost £435 inc VAT. (This price doesn’t include delivery at 30p/km but Anthony volunteered to collect).
  • £250 donation has already been received for this project. Committee agreed that remainder can be loaned from GPG funds with the intention of applying for the Keep Wales Tidy Grant and other sources of funding to cover the costs. TG to follow up on grant.
  • Anthony to supply stacks and guards so no cost.
  • Applied to Woodland Trust for free edible hedgerow pack (420 trees). If application is successful should receive in mid October.
  • Trees will be delivered early November. Anthony suggested planting during National Tree Week w/c Dec 8th 2010.
  • Cosmeston will dig the holes, erect wire fence and mow the grass 3 to 4 times per year.
  • Anthony asked Steve about entitlement to the land. Steve doesn’t see any issues but TG to confirm in writing to the council – a memorandum of understanding.
  • Suggest small group of GPG volunteers to maintain.
  • Anthony will construct and maintain living willow structure.

Food Group

  • See separate report circulated with agenda.

Community Garden

  • TG, NV and Gloria viewing possible sites for a community garden and existing community gardens.
  • Riverside community garden near LLandaff – run by staff paid for by grant. Works with local community groups from Riversides
  • Taffs Wells community garden – run as series of allotments.
  • Possible sites in Penarth include:

–       Cedar Way (originally 28 allotments, abandoned due to poor conditions.)

–       Park off Wordsworth Avenue (Golden Gate Park?) originally set aside as a community space – currently has small play area.

–       Hickman Road site – opposite Blockbusters (may be difficult to obtain permission from owner)

  • NV to continue looking at sites and report back.











Other Business

Community Notice boards

–       NV suggested looking into installing a number of community notice boards around Penarth, she has done some research and the lockable type cost approx £300.

10/10/10 – discussed ideas for events – will raise at General meeting and ask members for suggestions.

Next general meeting – Sept 14th topic will be cycling and transport.

Future General Meeting – suggest cover recycling.


Next committee meeting

Thurs 21st Oct – 7.30pm at Waltham House, Bradford Place.


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