Attached are the notes from the general public meeting held on Sept 114th. They include an update on the various projects (Orchard, Community Garden, Loyalty Card, Food Group and Plot Share) plus notes from our discussion on sustainable transport around Penarth.

General Meeting – 14/09/10

Present:    22 people attended

Apologies: Nonn Vaughan, Susannah McWilliam, Bronwyn Picton Jones, Russell Jones, Daphne Kibble, & Jess Day

Last Meeting Minutes

Notes from last meeting agreed.

Update from Management Committee

1.    Grant

2k Grant may be available form Co-op provided we can prove that GPG has similar aims and objectives as the Transition movement.

2.    10:10:10 – Climate change action day

The 10:10 climate change group is having a day to promote 10% cut in CO2 emissions in 2010 on OCT 10th 2010.

Discussed possible ideas for how GPG could participate.

Update from Groups


Have been offered site in Cosmeston

Plan to plant 30 trees in December tree week and a hedgerow in November.

Will need 10-12 people to assist with maintaining the orchard. Looking for volunteers. If interested please contact Anthony Slaughter.

Community Gardens

Have been visiting other community garden schemes to see how they run and looking at possible sites in Penarth.

Plot share

Receiving steady trickle of enquiries for gardens and gardeners.

Food Group

Following success of food displays and information at Eco-Fest are investigating other projects to promote local food.

Loyalty Card Scheme

Card to be launched on Sat 18th Sept at 10am in the arcade.

31 businesses have signed up.

Sustainable Transport Presentations and Discussion

Panel presented their views on sustainable transport options in Penarth followed by a general discussion session. Sadly Arriva trains had to cancel at the last minute and representatives from Cardiff bus and St David’s Buses did not attend.

Key points from each of the speakers are given in the brief summary below.

Vinny Mott (Sustrans)

  • Outlined background to funding for Pont y Werin and highlighted that the second stage of the project to connect it to Penarth town centre is still ongoing.
  • Working with Cardiff on Sustainable Travel City Centre project – note there are grants available for employers to encourage use of sustainable transport

Marc Breuher (cyclist and member of Pont y Werin steering group)

Described how he came to be involved in Pont y Werin campaign.

Paul Kinnersley (cyclist and member of Pont y Werin steering group)

  • Proposed some questions for GPG to consider.
  • Where can you get to on the train form Penarth
  • How to encourage car users onto other forms of transport
  • Suggest Penarth Library holds copies of cycle maps

General discussion – notes of some key points raised/discussed

  • Cycling
    • Vale of Glamorgan do not yet have a cycle map similar to the one published by Cardiff council showing safe cycling routes
    • Understood that Penarth council are purchasing cycle racks (and benches) for the town centre.
    • Long discussion on cyclists and road rules, Vinny raised interesting point that in some countries the road rules are different for cyclist than for motorists acknowledging that they are an in-between mode of transport.
    • Noted that motorists who do not cycle, or cyclists who do not drive lack an understanding of the other form of transport.
    • Penarth council now considering introducing contra flow lane for bicycles down Arcot Street now that it is clear how much space there is on the road.
    • Brochure published by ‘Bike club’ has a section on winning people over to cycling – could be useful in breaking down ‘them and us’ type discussion barriers.
    • Sustrans have statistics that show for journeys less than 5 miles 2 to 5% of people cycle. And that 10% of the population ‘cycles a bit’
    • ‘On your bike’ hire bikes are likely to be coming to Penarth in the near future.
    • Cycle ride around the bay being organised by Sustrans for Sun 26th Sept – start and finish form the Oyster Catcher.
    • When considering sustainable transport, essential to take account of the needs of everyone – whatever form of transport they use and try and achieve understanding and consensus.
  • General road safety
    • GPG could campaign for more 20 mph zones on the grounds of general safety for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.
    • Lack of traffic wardens means that people are not obeying parking rules in Penarth town centre – causing problems for shop owners and overall reducing parking for those who need it.
  • Sustainable Transport Option Information
    • Difficulty for all sustainable transport options (not just cycling) is where to find the information. Suggestion that GPG collate existing information into one central location or booklet.
    • Car share – schemes already exist – again issue is publicising the information.
  • Public Transport
    • Could Cardiff and the Vale have an Oyster card type scheme to encourage use of public transport?
    • Use of social events to publicise transport options for example take the train to Brecon and do a walk, cycle or bus crocodile for families
  • Buses
    • P1 bus – links the barrage, pier, Penarth town centre and Cosmeston. However very few people are using it and it is likely to be cancelled. Can GPG help publicise? Have a day when we ride continuously? Discussed lack of information, or signage regarding where and how to catch it. If GPG  wish to campaign for it not to be cancelled should contact Sian Bowden.
    • Could the loyalty card have a link with the local buses?
  • Travelling to and from school
    • Safe routes to school program was not very successful – again difficult to publicise.
    • Co-op provides sponsorship for walking buses.

Taking issues forward: Anyone interested in taking any or all of the above issues forward is welcome to help form a transport group.

Next meeting:

  • General meetings to alternate between those with a speaker and open forum-type meetings at which the groups could exchange information and other GPG issues could be discussed
  • Date of next meeting:  Monday Nov 8th 6pm, 6pm at The Windsor Arms, Penarth.

Contribution to GPG funds: £19 contributed by those present

One response

  1. It’s not Penarth Council but the Vale of Glam council that has – at last -agreed to the contraflow cyclelane in Arcot Street.
    The problem, according to the planners, was their highways dept. who are or were opposed to contraflow cycling in principle. I asked the Cabinet Member responsible, Jeff James, why he did not tell his highways dept. to follow official (Dept of Transport) guidance and save us all the trouble – he shrugged it off!

    Penarth Town council shows no interest in cycling, in contrast with several years ago when cyclists were asked to prepare town-wide routes for them, but the Vale Council didn’t then want to know.

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