GPG is hoping to organise a recycling  event in Penarth next year which will reinforce the importance of recycling in our green agenda.   We need ideas – your ideas and suggestions  in order to make this a really useful occasion.

The following statement is a summary  from Miles Punter, Head of Visible Services, Vale of Glamorgan Council,   on the Council’s current position on recycling.  More information at:

‘Our first quarter performance for recycling was 42% of which 18% was biodegradable material (green and kitchen waste), of this 3% was kitchen waste.   A report proposing the full roll out of our kerbside kitchen waste service is due to go before Cabinet on 13th of this month.  If agreed, the whole of the Vale will be in receipt of a kerbside kitchen waste service, featuring fortnightly black bag collections by the end of March 2011.

As we discussed we are also considering ways in which we can achieve greater participation in recycling services, greater diversion from landfill and, perhaps most importantly at this current time of austerity measures, achieve reductions in the  operational costs of our services.

Our projections for recycling performance, with our current arrangements, do not suggest an overall performance figure of greater than 50 – 55%.   Clearly this will be a problem post 2012/13.  We are therefore working on various ideas to improve this performance and are hoping to be in a position to report these to our members before the end of this calendar year.’

At a Scrutiny Committee of the Vale Council held on 2nd November, the decision of Cabinet on 13th October to extend the kitchen waste system to Barry by the beginning of December, and to the remainder of the Vale by 1st of March 2011 was upheld.

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