From Sept 2010 to July 2011 a group of masters students used Penarth as the basis for one of their course modules.

The students were all studying on the MSc in Theory & Practice of Sustainable Design at the Welsh School of Architecture, Cardiff University. The results of their research were presented to GPG in July 2011 and the reports are now available here to download. (The resolution has been reduced to make the file sizes reasonable, however if you have trouble downloading, or reading them the hard copies will shortly be in the Penarth Library).

The five reports are:
1. The Autonomous Town Autonomous Town 9.4MB
A vision of Penarth as the “autonomous town”; a town moving towards self sufficiency; a town defined by it community engagement in resource management; a town continuing to think globally while prioritising and acting locally.

2. Community Energy Systems – to follow
Exploration of heat mapping; providing a current energy use study of Penarth and demonstrating the potential implementation of low or zero carbon district heating systems in Penarth.

3. Penarth Renewable Energy Plan Renewable Energy Plan 5.6MB
A clean energy future for Penarth: the town is rich in renewable energy resources and has great potential for capturing this; a theoretical vision for a carbon neutral town.

4. Penarth Pavilion and Esplanade Penarth Pavillion & Esplanade 836KB
this work looks at the sustainable regeneration of the waterfront of Penarth from the perspectives of social economic and environmental sustainability.

5. Home Energy Efficiency Home Energy Efficiency 2.9MB
A useful guide for the citizens of Penarth who are  endeavouring (or wish) to reduce the consumption of energy associated with their homes.


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