On 22nd September, people across the world people from small and large communities will be taking part in Car Free Day events. Here in Penarth, Gwyrddio Penarth Greening (GPG) had been hoping to do something to highlight the benefits of having less traffic on our streets for just one day, but our resources are limited and we have had to postpone this idea until next year.
However, not having a Car Free Day of our own, doesn’t mean we can’t think about what having fewer cars around might mean in our rather crowded streets.

What is Car Free Day?
A car free day (CFD) encourages motorists to give up their car for a day and utilise alternative, more sustainable forms of transport. CFD usually focuses on a community, such as a town or city, and combines some road closures with community-led initiatives to promote sustainable transport. .

What benefits could a Car Free Day in Penarth achieve?
The overall aim of a CFD in Penarth would be to highlight the benefits of reduced car-use in the longer term. These benefits can broadly be categorised under two themes:
Demonstrating and increasing the take-up of sustainable alternatives to motorised transport.
-Global environmental benefits – combating local contributions to climate change via decreased CO2 emissions from car use
-Local environmental benefits – reduced air and noise pollution from motorised traffic
-Health benefits – increased use of active travel modes such as walking and cycling
To illustrate better quality of life in Penarth when there is less motorised traffic
– A safer environment for pedestrians and cyclists
– A stronger sense of community in streets that are not dominated by cars

A key aim of Car Free Day is to encourage people to think about their car use in
a wider context, not only to question the necessity of every car journey but to consider how they use their car when they do drive. Following the 10:10 campaigns’ 10 steps to Greener Driving will not only reduce emissions but also reduce the drivers fuel bill.


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