20mphFollowing the recent GPG public meeting on lower residential speed limits for Penarth a group of local residents are set to launch a 20’s Plenty for Penarth campaign. The February meeting was well attended by a wide range of Penarth residents and featured a presentation from Rod King, the founder of the national 20’s Plenty for Us campaign. Mr King’s informative and detailed presentation was followed by a question and answer session with many members of the audience expressing support for the idea and several questioners wanting to know more on the practical aspects involved.
(20’s plenty where people live – a full report of the February meeting by Sandy Booth)
Over 30 Local Authorities have already implemented 20mph residential speed limits with more having committed to the idea in principle. The Vale of Glamorgan Council will be launching a public consultation on the subject later this month following the recent Community Cabinet meeting where there was strong public support for the idea.
The 20’s Plenty for Penarth group are aiming to bring together individuals and groups from across the local community to campaign for a default 20mph speed limit for Penarth and to make our roads, where people shop, walk, cycle and go to school, safer and healthier for all road users.
The group will be holding their first public meeting on Thursday 21st March, 7pm at the Windsor Arms pub. Entrance is free and the meeting is open to all. More information and a petition can be found on the website www.penarth.20splentyforus.org.uk and the group can be contacted by email at penarth@20splentyforus.org.uk


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