Our History

Past, present and future, from a small seed…

Working for a sustainable Penarth | Gweithio am ddyfodol cynaliadwy ym Mhenarth

GPG is a community group based in Penarth, South Wales.

Grwp Cymunedol yw GPG – gweithio i hyrwyddo cynaliadwyedd ym Mhenarth.

We aim to raise awareness of climate issues and look at ways that we can all live a more sustainable life.

what we do

Gwyrddio Penarth Greening (GPG) is a group of local volunteers working towards improving the environment and building a sustainable community in Penarth. GPG has planted an orchard in Cosmeston and at the Kymin and organised lots of local events promoting sustainability.

Our projects

GPG has developed lots of projects over the last 10 years including Shop Penarth, Plastic Free Penarth, Access Penarth, and more recently Benthyg Penarth and Penarth Growing Community. 

2020 and beyond

In 2020 we wanted to engage with more people in the local community to develop local solutions to our environmental & climate challenges. At Penarth 2020 we agreed on some new priorities to take forward.

Community event

Following a successful Penarth 2020 event, with almost 100 members of the community attending, we wanted to focus on 5 new projects. Please get in touch if you would like to get involved!

These projects were:

1. A Green Directory for Penarth

2. A Library of Things

3. Community renewable energy

4. Community planting & growing

5. A book swap scheme

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Story to now

How did GPG come about?

GPG was formally set up when its constitution was signed on 20th April, 2009. Its founding members were representatives from local organisations, including the Penarth Town Council and were individuals with an interest in the community and the environmental agenda.

Where did the name Gwyrddio Penarth Greening come from?

The original members wanted to include ‘greening’ in the title and also wanted the Welsh language to be included. Greening in Welsh is ‘gwyrddio’.

How is GPG different from the Transition Movement?

The work of GPG has many things in common with the Transition Movement. We support their ambition to move from fossil fuel to renewable energy, to reduce both personal and community use of carbon, and to creating a more sustainable and cooperative community. 

However, when GPG was set up the group did not want to be tied into any formal or ‘staged approach’ to taking our green agenda forward.

Our Trustees

Eurgain Powell

Eurgain joined GPG in 2019 after supporting Penarth to achieve Plastic Free status. She is currently supporting ‘Penarth Growing Community’ to develop growing spaces across the town. Eurgain has worked in sustainability roles for 20 years and is passionate about the natural environment and taking action on climate change.

She enjoys spending time outdoors, walking and cycling in her spare time!

Gideon joined the GPG committee in 2018, having attended many of its events. He directs the Social Policy programme at Swansea University, chairs Newport City Council’s Fairness Commission, and co-edits the journal Ethics and Social Welfare. He has written on various social issues, and has a longstanding interest in how environmental priorities fit alongside other political and moral concerns. He’s also a member of the steering group for Plastic Free Penarth.

Gideon Calder
Anne Crowley

Anne joined the committee in 2022 and has lived in Penarth since 2013. Anne is keen to learn more about what she can do to raise climate issues at a local level and look at ways that we can encourage others to lead more sustainable lives. She has supported Penarth Growing Community’s events over the last few years, and has been supporting discussions about the future of Penarth Town Centre and what sort of town we all wanted to live in.

Nigel trained as an Architect, moved to Penarth in 2013, and became a GPG trustee in 2022. In 2005 Nigel completed an MSc in Energy Efficiency in Building & Sustainability, and since then he’s tried to promote the lifestyle changes needed to address the issue of Climate Change and the benefits these can bring to our quality of life.

Using his knowledge Nigel has refurbished a house in Penarth, achieving an 82% reduction in carbon emissions. Nigel was a Penarth Town Councillor and Chair of the Planning Committee between 2017-2022.

Nigel Humphrey
Susannah  McWilliam

Susannah has been involved in GPG since its very early days, becoming a Committee Member in 2021 and leading the Plastic Free Penarth work. Having worked in Sustainability in a number of organisations, including the Soil Association Food for Life and the Vale of Glamorgan Council, Susannah is passionate about the role we can all play in protecting the environment, and enhancing the places we live in.

Tony joined GPG quite soon after it was founded. Over the years he has helped with planting the community orchard and the planters on Penarth station, running food festivals and election ‘climate hustings’, proposed the start of Plastic Free Penarth and most recently the local promotion of Veganuary. Currently he is acting as GPG Treasurer.

Tony is a Director of Cardiff Community Energy, regional treasurer and electoral agent for the Green Party, and has also worked with Climate Action Penarth.

Tony Cooke