GPG is a lively, community-led, organisation which is helping local people adapt and prepare for a future with less oil and a changing climate. By involving people of all ages, experiences and backgrounds, GPG is developing practical projects which will help reduce dependency on fossil fuels and lead towards a more sustainable and resilient future for Penarth.

Other projects
Community orchard

Cosmeston Country Park

Now in its ninth year, the GPG Community Orchard in Cosmeston Country Park is becoming well established with fruit trees and the edible hedgerow doing well. 

There are lots of varieties of apple tree there, as well as pear, plum and medlar trees. 6 new apple trees were added to the orchard early in 2018 planted by pupils from Sully Primary School. The orchard is regularly maintained by GPG volunteers. A further 10 trees were planted this spring, thanks to a kind donation from one of the volunteers.

In 2018 GPG also donated 10 fruit trees to the Penarth Youth Action group, planted in Wordsworth Park.

Penarth Station Planters

Enjoy a sprig of fresh rosemary for your supper on your journey home!

The planters on Penarth Station were set up by GPG. Along with the planters GPG has also managed and planted bulbs in the bank leading up to the bridge.