GPG is all about making the most of our local environment. But some in the community find this easier than others. Access Penarth is a campaign to make Penarth the UK’s first disability-friendly town, by improving access to our shops and amenities for people with disabilities of all kinds. We launched in April 2019 with the support of local disabled people, businesses, members of Shop Penarth and GPG, Penarth View magazine, and Penarth’s MP, Stephen Doughty.

Disabilities affect a larger proportion of the population than is often assumed – and can take a wide range of forms, from those requiring the use of a wheelchair, to less visible conditions such as visual, hearing or cognitive impairments.

We work by raising awareness among local shops and amenities of the barriers faced by disabled people seeking to use their services – and to encourage them to make what adjustments they can to make them more welcoming to all in the community. The campaign will work in a positive way, based on building on what is already in place and taking straightforward steps rather than demanding the impossible (or expensive).

The scheme is based around a pledge, which shopkeepers and service providers will be invited to display in their window. It declares a commitment to:

  • welcome and treat citizens with equal respect, when using our services
  • support disability awareness sessions and participate wherever possible
  • where possible, make adjustments to our premises to make them more accessible to disabled people
  • when required, make adjustments to how we provide our service with the aim of making it accessible to all, and
  • display the ACCESS PENARTH badge and pledge

The campaign is being run by GPG members in collaboration with individuals from organisations including Vale People First, Action on Hearing Loss Cymru, Disability Wales, Dementia-Friendly Penarth and Penarth Youth Action.

How you can get involved?

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