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Penarth achieved plastic free community status in 2019!

In 2022 we began the work to update Penarth’s Plastic Free status and would love everyone to get involved! We signed up to the national Surfers Against Sewage Plastic Free Communities campaign in 2018, and now over 800 communities across the UK are involved.

What does ‘plastic free’ mean?

It’s hard to avoid plastic in our lives, and in some cases it can be useful. The problem is that we use too much plastic without thinking, and we throw too much away. ‘Plastic Free’ is a long term vision, and in Penarth it’s not about removing all plastic from our lives: it’s about taking steps to cut our use of avoidable, single-use plastic, and changing the system that produces it.

If everyone makes small changes, Penarth can make a big impact!

How can you get involved?

We would love you to help put Plastic Free Penarth on the map, slashing avoidable single use plastic in our town. There are lots of ways to make a difference:

· If you work in, or run a business, become a Business Champion. Across the UK, many independent businesses are rethinking their impact and removing avoidable, single-use plastic. Watch this 2 minute video on how your business could do it and the benefits it would bring. Find out how to become a Plastic Free Champion here.

· If you work in or run a school, get everyone involved in achieving plastic free schools status.

· If you are a member of, or run a club or community group, sign The Plastic Free Pledge and become a plastic free community ally.

· If you are an individual or family, check here to sign up for your individual action plan.

Follow us on Twitter @PenarthFree or Facebook ( for local Plastic Free events and news through the year, and let us know if you’d like to volunteer with Plastic Free Penarth.

To find out more and get involved please contact Susannah McWilliam at

In May 2019 Penarth achieved Plastic Free status because:

  • Penarth Town Council has passed a resolution supporting the journey to Plastic Free Community status;
  • Over 12 local traders have removed 3 items of single-use plastic and achieved Plastic Free accreditation – these include Crepe Escape, Foxy’s Deli, Fauvette, Umpa Lumpa and Hamptons;
  • We’ve had support from community groups including Penarth Youth Action, Penarth Scouts and local schools;
  • Positive engagement from local residents to help inspire the wider community to spread the plastic-free message.

Local celebrity Colin Jackson came along to support and present certificates to the local traders.

To celebrate our achievements, we organised an event at The Pier Pavilion, Penarth on 14th May 2019

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Other information:

Have a look at how you can reduce plastic use – or

Help spread the word and encourage local organisations & shops to work towards becoming plastic free!

Encourage local schools to apply to become Plastic Free schools –

Get in touch if you want to help the local campaign – email